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No-brainer business apps solution.

Simplicity ‐ Simplify Your Workday

Modern work life can be complicated: multiple business applications to use, passwords to remember, systems to update, and projects to keep track of. Simplify your workday with DrakeHUB, the platform to manage it all.

Because DrakeHUB brings all your business apps, people and resources in one secure digital ecosystem; you can spend less time organizing and more time doing!

With our state-of-the art software that is easy to use, customizable and scalable to your business, we eliminate the need for the re-entry of data and reduce user learning effort while providing a multitude of business insights at a glance.

Your Business, One Digital Ecosystem. It's that simple!

Simplicity ‐ Simplify Your Workday

Security ‐ Multilayered security without sacrificing performance SECURITY

DrakeHUB is a secure, cloud based, private digital platform (PaaS) compliant with Data Privacy and Data Retention guidelines.

At DrakeHUB we understand that whether you are a large enterprise or a one-man team, reliability and security are of paramount importance to your business. That is why we utilize some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. Our innovative metadata-driven, multitenant database architecture delivers operational and cost efficiencies for cloud-based applications without compromising the security of each organisation's data.

We have built multilayered security without sacrificing the DrakeHUB PaaS performance.

  • Physical Security(More + )
  • Network Infrastructure Security(More + )
In addition, we can provide you with optional features that include: More +
Security ‐ Multilayered security without sacrificing performance SECURITY

Efficiency And Productivity

DrakeHUB's main purpose is to accelerate business efficiency, effectiveness, and performance by improving the way businesses connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

DrakeHUB is a one-stop shop for everything you need to optimize your business and drive productivity. Using just one log in and password, DrakeHUB consolidates operational ownership, reduces the administrative burden, and tracks the progress of your projects. In effect, we aim toautomate your workflow and reduce the time it takes to meet your goals.

Choose between the varieties of applications we offer and personalize your experience with your team members, clients, and projects. Our fully integrated applications allow you to upload documents, create events, manage client prospects, schedule deadlines, pull up data reports, and more ‐ all on one platform.

Drive productivity; Increase efficiency; Easy to use; No IT infrastructure or resources needed; Save time, money, Minimize admin burden; Everything in one place; Optimize your business solution; One invoice; One password; Consolidate operational ownership; One stop shop; One update; One log in

Efficiency And Productivity

Connectivity & Accessibility

DrakeHUB's cloud-based system eliminates the need for any additional IT infrastructure or resources for your business.

Access your files and notes anywhere and anytime from your mobile deviceand share them with team members or colleagues. With DrakeHUB's cloud-based platform, real-time collaboration and convenient communication are right at your fingertips.

Enjoy the power and flexibility to manage your business even while you are away from the office.

Use your Android device, iPhone or iPad to review requests for leave and manage personal profiles and timesheets. When you need access to your DrakeHUB, this intuitive app has the features you need‐wherever you need them.

Access anywhere online; Convenience; Real-time collaboration; Communication; Sharing ability; connectivity; Cloud-based; Apps ecosystem

Connectivity & Accessibility

Commercialize And Monetize ‐ Grow Your Business And Monetize Your Network.

Build your own ideas and make money; Build your business future; Monetize your thoughts and ideas; Reseller opportunity; Engage your business network to generate revenue; Compoundable revenue

With DrakeHUB, monetize your greatest business ideas by engaging your network to generate revenue. Invite and train new DrakeHUB users and receive cash back each month for doing so. There are only benefits to gain in getting your business connections on board DrakeHUB, with better connectivity and higher profit to help you realize your goals.

A proven revenue model that delivers significant partner ROI

Grow your network: As DrakeHUB streamlines your work processes and drives team productivity, the increased efficiency and the time you save will make way for limitless opportunities for you to develop and grow your company.

  • Cloud based PaaS ‐ caters for robust and secure multi-tenant and multi-application use
  • Free trial ‐ use DrakeHUB for 30 days for free
  • Mobile ‐ any device or platform whether its apple, android, PC or laptop
  • Flexible ‐ suitable for businesses of any shape or form as well as individuals
  • Current ‐ multiple updates per year, the most current PaaS solutions available worldwide
  • Accessible ‐ an internet connection is all you need to connect
  • Convenient ‐all your digital business applications, documents, projects, video and voice conferencing configurable from one log-in and in one place
  • Customizable ‐ tailored to your business needs and brand requirements
  • Secure ‐ private and secure environment of a cloud solution
  • Generate revenue ‐ monetize your network, your digital business applications and increase your monthly cash flow
  • Scalable ‐ immediately adopt new technological solutions and scale on demand
  • Supported and secure infrastructure ‐ no need to install and maintain in-house hardware and software to develop or run a new application
  • Comprehensive reporting ‐ reports on every data point captured on the platform
  • Compliant ‐ with Data Privacy and Data Retention guidelines for OTT data services
  • Subscription-based ‐ flexible payment terms
Commercialize And Monetize ‐ Grow Your Business And Monetize Your Network.

Optimize Your Relationships

We understand that in this ever-evolving economy, one thing remains constant: time is money. Every successful business is built on relationships ‐ between team members, clients and suppliers, and so on. Managing these relationships in order to deliver on projects can involve countless emails, meetings, group chats, and phone calls, with the occasional miscommunication thrown into the mix ... in other words, wasted time.


Why We Do It

Why We Do It

As a cloud-based and private digital platform (PaaS), DrakeHUB was envisioned by the experts at Drake Allegiance to simplify the way your business connects, communicates, and collaborates. Our software brings together different communities of people ‐ clients, suppliers, business partners ‐ onto a single, streamlined network.


Drake Allegiance seeks to transform the way your business operates and communicates. We work with you to identify key opportunities and threats in order to provide digital solutions that will drive revenue and minimize cost. By bringing together our capabilities in technology innovation and strategy, we help you deliver meaningful customer experiences while improving efficiency and impact.

The people, resources, and applications you need - all from one log-in.

DrakeHUB Features

  • CRM Dashboard
    Simplify the way your business connects, communicates, and collaborates with DrakeHUB, a cloud-based and private digital platform (PaaS). Our software brings together different communities of people ‐ clients, suppliers, business partners ‐ onto a single, streamlined network.
  • CRM Dashboard
  • Business Network
  • Business Network
    Establish contact groups to communicate with a particular selection of people. Create profiles for individual team members or for your business, to be displayed across the network.
  • Bulletin Boards, Messages, Chat
    A direct and interactive approach to communicating key updates or holding discussions within business groups.
  • Bulletin Boards, Messages, Chat
  • Voice Video and Screen Share
  • Voice Video and Screen Share
    Start a chat session with up to 24 people in a concurrent session to hold your meetings with anyone at any location.
  • Opportunity Manager
    Manage and track your business opportunities by updating where they are at each stage. Follow up on leads/prospects, add appointments, keep track of business won, and more.
  • Opportunity Manager
  • Project Management
  • Project Management
    View project activity, set up deadlines and agendas, or create template activities (such as checklists) that can be applied to any project.
  • Document Management and Storage
    Within the cloud network, store, share and track changes made to shared documents and files.
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Gmail and Outlook Integration
  • Gmail and Outlook Integration
    Connect your Gmail or Outlook account to the cloud network and gain access to all their features on the DrakeHUB, including email, notes, and calendar events.
Customize your DrakeHUB experience by choosing from a wide range of features.

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Our purpose: to support the development of small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you're in design or finance, technology or hospitality, DrakeHUB is the most effective tool to drive team productivity and improve your business relationships.
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of DrakeHUB users feel better connected with their team
improvement in client, supplier and partner relationships
of business owners and managers made better use of their time
improvement in team engagement, energy & buy-in


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